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『 levant's cyberspace 』


hey, visitor #! welcome to my cyberspace!

please understand that i run out of ideas very quickly, so i'm sorry for any shortage of content ♥

i love learning about computer science!

this site is an opportunity for me to learn more about html, css and javascript and also a small journal that the world can see.

you can also find me on i2p and tor!

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about me

my name is levant!

computers and coding have always gone hand in hand with me, i always tinkered with them when i was a kid.

although my academic background (which right now is just years upon years of high school) is in computer science, they didn't teach us a lot about html and css. most of what i know is self taught.

but the next step i took was when i was gifted an arduino. i would spend countless hours making weird projects and learning about it. i still have it now and sometimes i dust it off and try to make something as a pastime and i love it.

what is this site about?

i decided to create this site in the spur of the moment and also because i was very curious on being able to further my knowledge of html and css with a hands-on approach.

originally this site was a basic, blank html page with a list of dark web links that i found interesting, hosted directly in the tor network.

i decided to host it on the clearnet too, i didn't know about neocities so i gave up pretty quickly because i am a greedy bastard and i didn't want to spend money.

soon after i discovered neocities i started hosting this site on here too.


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