march 12th 2023 - added an about me section - changed the landing page

march 5th 2023 - added something in journal - added some links in the link list - new blog post

october 23rd 2022 - removed a script that was causing a memory leak for firefox users - removed the rss feed

september 22nd 2022 - added projects

september 11th 2022 - added files (tor/i2p only!) - removed mirrors

september 8th 2022 - removed changelog - added a new blog post - made some style changes

september 6th 2022 - added new links in the link list

september 1st 2022 - added an rss feed - changed the theme up a bit - removed chat - made my site mobile friendly

august 30th 2022 - added a pgp key on the contact me section - added some new links on the link list

august 29th 2022 - added stuff in journal - added shrines (very early stage) !!! sorry for procrastinating so much on it, but i am still trying to wrap my head around some ideas i have for it !!!

august 28th 2022 - added a new blog post - renamed thoughts to journal - added a script which doesn't make me go insane while editing the sidebar, thanks templaterr! - added an overview for most pages

august 27th 2022 - added new blog posts - added journal

august 26th 2022 - restyled the whole thing again - merged the about page with the homepage

august 24th 2022 - added a welcome paragraph on the homepage - added "archive" - added a contact me section - !!! shrines is still in the works !!!

august 22nd 2022 - modified the homepage - removed the yggdrasil mirror - added stuff in discover - added chat

august 21st 2022 - changed the entire style of the site - added new blog posts - blog: removed "rants" - modified the about section - added discover in favor of "lainchan_webring"

august 10th 2022 - readded the link list

august 9th 2022 - added changelog - random (now discover): added something wicked - blog: added "nerdy stuff" with two new posts - modified the about section