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a formula

there is something i would like you to know.
i fucking hate having to convert celsius to fahrenheit.
mainly because i am slow and i can't calculate a basic formula in my head; the basic formula being:
F = (C * 9/5) + 32; where F = temp in fahrenheit and C = temp in celsius.

so i came up with my formula to convert it.
F = 2C + 32-2C/10
i find it a lot easier to do in my head due to the division by 10 and the only multiplication being just doubling the temperature in celsius.

37C = ?F
F = 74 + 32-74/10
F = 74 + 32-7.4
F = 74 + 24.6 = 98.6

i also tried to make one to convert fahrenheit to celsius but i failed.

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