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project gemini

project gemini is a privacy focused internet protocol whose development started in 2019.

it is lighter than the standard protocol that we use today, http and it's heavier than the protocol which was used in the past, gopher.

gopher was the protocol which preceded http.
on gopher all information sent and received over the protocol is in plain text and so it makes it susceptible to interception and modification.
not many browsers support gopher anymore, but here is an example of a gopher browser: bombadillo (which also supports gemini).

back to gemini:
being privacy focused, gemini is of interest to people who are against the web's tracking of users, tired of nagging pop-ups or people who have a need for a low-speed network.

project gemini has its own markup language, which is different from gopher's plaintext and the web's html.
its name is gemtext (file extension .gmi)
here is a link for an introduction to gemtext: gemtext.gmi
and here is another gemini browser: lagrange

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