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about this site

i have been hosting this site since the start of july, it was only accessible via tor until i started hosting it for i2p too.

at the beginning of august i started hosting it here, on neocities.

here are the many changes this site has undergone in the past months!

the images go from oldest to most recent.

some layouts are viewable! click on the layout date's hyperlink!

july 2nd

this was the first page i have ever made public, the only purpose was hosting a tor link list which others could find as a portal to other interesting sites.

july 5th

this was just a couple of days later, when i decided to make something a little more pleasing for people's eyes by switching to a darker theme, adding a homepage and a very rudimentary about section.

a couple of hours later i added a blog and my photos.
every page now had a path-like navigation menu as a header.

july 10th

this was the site a week (or so) later!

the path menu was made to be a bit more attractive (i ripped that off from another site), i added some containers and the ~$webring page (which is now ~$discover)

there was also a visitor counter at the bottom of the index page.

july 20th

another week passed and i added an yggdrasil mirror. (which is now gone)

the site didn't change much except for the homepage.

this was a couple of weeks before i started hosting it on neocities.

august 4th

this was my homepage a few days later i started hosting my site on neocities!

the first one being the one i showed you in the image right before this one.

sometime in the middle of august

i added some more content on the homepage and restyled the rest of the pages.

september 1st

mid september 2022 until mid june 2023