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『 random 』

exactly like the page says

everything here is too random to be put on my journal and is not worthy of a blog post.

i.e. a dumpster.

august 9th, 2022 is such a beautiful place, you could search up anything which could be incredibly simple and still stumble upon the weirdest stuff.

fun fact: "800suck/min" is ~13 pumps a second, your penis is going to get extremely bruised.

august 4th, 2022

man i hate the internet

they even have their own fucking flag

august 3rd, 2022

so recently i have been dwelling around with the sole motive to go on a good old nostalgia trip and i found some quality gems, such as random shareware from the 90s from the shareware cd collection.

i recommend using a windows 98 system to give it that vintage feel. (also because i think they're way too outdated for modern versions of windows.)

one of those cds was called smash disk, which included a bunch of random crap, click here for the download.

there was also this weird cd which contained pin-up illustrations of anime girls "in various stages of dress and undress".
fuck. i didn't think weeaboos were a thing back then, until now.

july 7th, 2022

here are some services i find useful:

also check out beparanoid and pussthecat, they have many more useful instances and services.

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